Folam Hydraulic Bar Shear Tooling Machine

Unique, Precise, Economical

  • Bars/Billets, Flats, Angles, and Irregular Shapes
  • No sawing Kerf Waste, No Sawblade Replacements
  • Available Manual and Semi-Automatic
  • ECONOMICAL H-Frame Hydraulic Shears

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Economical H-Frame Shears

  • H-Frame Bar/Section Shears with Folam Tooling
  • H-Frame Shop Press without Tooling


Standard Shears and Tooling Capacities Based on Low-Carbon Cold-Rolled Steel

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About Folam Tool Co., Inc .

Folam is the only bar/section shear company that shear products with tooling. The tooling can be sold separately to be used with any type of press, hydraulic, mechanical, C frame, 4 post, etc. An option with the Folam H-frame shears is the tooling can be taken out and the H-Frame becomes a shop press for other operations.

  • Folam Products are made for job shops or divisions of companies that make forgings or parts for automotive, aerospace, energy, mining, valves, fittings, etc.
  • Stress-analysis designed products based on our original patent
  • Active members of the ASME and SME
  • Our tooling can be used with other type presses such as mechanical
  • We are the only company that shears bars or sections with tooling
  • Our power units are economical hydraulic H-Frame presses and hydraulic 4 Post presses
  • The tooling is advantageous when shearing various cross sections
  • Customized hydraulic shears, hydraulic presses are available